How to Grow Sales with Cold Emailing Marketing Strategy

How to Grow Sales with Cold Emailing Marketing

Have you ever thought about how to grow sales with cold emailing? If you’ve been pushing hard at other forms of sales including social media then you should try cold mailing. It’s a friend to business owners whose target audience isn’t social media regulars. It’s also effective if your audiences are email checkers. However, to get results one must master the art of cold emailing. With the right template, cold emailing can be an effective lead generation and sales machine.

The average open rate for email campaigns is 21%. Billions of emails are sent each month on via Mail Chimp and other email marketing platforms.

Cold Emailing Marketing facts

According to Mail Chimp, the average open rate for email campaigns is 21%. Billions of emails are sent each month on Mail Chimp and other email marketing platforms. Therefore, emails remain the real homes of all internet users. It’s a regular route for many users who check-in and out of it every day. 

Additionally, cold emailing as a branch of email marketing proves effective when your target audiences aren’t social media birds. This is partly because of its precision, target focus, and strategic approach at cold selling.

What is Cold Emailing Marketing?

Cold emailing marketing is a form of email marketing where unsolicited but well-targeted emails are sent to potential customers to start possible business or sales conversations. It can be a powerful business success tool in driving sales. Unlike popular assumptions, cold emailing is not about shooting multiple emails hoping for a hit. To grow sales with cold email marketing, one must be deliberate.

cold mailing template
A cold mailing template


Elements of Successful Cold Emailing Marketing Strategies

  • Short and Attention-Grabbing Headlines

This is the very beginning of cold emailing. The ability to craft attention-grabbing subject lines can increase open rates in your email campaigns. However, they should be honest and not mere click baits.

Secure leads and grow your sales with powerful cold emailing templates.

  • Targeted and personalized

Effective cold mailing marketing strategies are usually precise and strategic. You make your research on the contact before shooting an email. Well-researched cold mail strategies touch the recipient’s pain points and establish connections.

  • Call to Actions (CTAs)

Call to actions are triggers that cause responses from recipients that can drive expected conversations. Questions like “When are you available for a chat?” or a “Learn more” link can make for actionable CTAs in cold emails.

  • Follow-Ups & Measurement Tools

The time email users spend on email checking isn’t the same as when they check social media feeds. So it’s best to understand the perfect time to shoot a mail and also shoot a follow-up email. 6 am-7 am and 8 pm remain the ideal email checking time for the average email user.

Tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and other email marketing tools help you to track metrics of who opened what email and what link they clicked. This can help you know when to send a lighter follow up email which can increase chances of actions from the recipients.  Time of delivery is also a great success factor for email campaigns. 

  • Curiosity and less salesy.

Many successful cold emailing strategies rarely make it about a sale.  Instead, they cold email a potential customer or client to create a sale opportunity. Successful cold email strategies for B2B businesses include messages asking to fix a meeting or start a conversation or take actions that may eventually present sales opportunities in the future. 

Elements like a catchy email subject, email content strategy, and call to action still reign supreme in successful cold email marketing.


Why Cold Emailing Marketing?

Marketers and salespeople may be having a very hard time with social media marketing. It keeps getting very competitive and exhausting. There are thousand and one hacks promising quick sales on social media. But not all can guarantee results. With social media marketing getting complicated, it’s fine to take a break. Learning how to grow sales with cold emailing marketing gives you a clearer shot at sales success. 

Benefits of Cold Emailing Marketing

  • Cold emailing if well researched, gives you a more targeted shot at sales. 
  • Its directness and precision can quicken the chances of sales more than social media marketing. 
  • Cold emailing proves very effective for small businesses aiming to do business with other ventures or corporate prospects. Many multimillion-dollar companies started with cold emailing. Tap into the possibilities of email marketing strategies using our  Cold Mailing Guide and templates. 


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