Job Interview Tips: How to Pass a Job Interview Today

Job Interview Tips: How to Pass a Job Interview Today

Job Interview tips never seem to end. We owe this situation to a lot of changes in hiring trends. Technology, the economy, and even pandemics will come to shape how employers hire. You can also add how job hunting is becoming a very competitive sport. So when you see a job interview tip, it’s an opportunity to update your knowledge.

The Job interview is a crucial level in the jobseeker’s ultimate job hunting adventure. The great thing is you can make the job interview a smooth entrance to a new job if you master the art. You’ve probably heard that your CV is your passport to a job interview. Well, that’s somehow accurate. The only difference is that your CV is meant to speak for you in your absence. It is like a business card you give to a potential partner. This time, it’s an employer. It can get you an invitation to the interview.

However, when it comes to the interview, you are the star. So you are expected to shine as bright, or even brighter than your CV.

Job Interview Tips to Pass a Job Interview Today

  1. Be Strategic and Deliberate with your research
  2. Look the Role
  3. Be intentional with your Answers
  4. Leave an impression (a gift)
  1. Be Strategic and Deliberate with Your Research

“Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a matter of being better at what you do – it’s a matter of being different at what you do.” Michael Porter, American economist & researcher

Research may be the most mentioned job interview tip. You may have heard about its importance before an interview. Yes, it’s true. But it’s not just any kind of research. This type is strategic because employers may major in different industries. Your research should note key company values such as mission statements, industry, staff strength, and product offerings.

How does their mission statement translate to their performance in sales, customer success, market and etc? What position are they in the industry? Who could be their competitors? Are they aware, performing well or just sleepwalking?

As an interview candidate, you will have to research like a doctor. The research is your opportunity to understand the company culture, progress, and successes. It is also an opportunity to diagnose them. What value will your role be adding if employed? Also, a research approach that is strategic and deliberate will nourish the answers you give during interviews.

You should use the lens of problem detection and problem-solving to conduct your company research. During interviews, questions like “Why Should We Hire You?” will pop up. They give you a clear shot at selling yourself using your success stories in previous companies and similar projects. You can do this while citing strategic details you researched on the target company.

E.g. Just three months ago, I created the PR plan for XYZ brand that generated over 40% increase in its annual product revenue. My success at solving problems using result-focused approaches has given my team this edge. I also noticed here that ABC company’s department is running a similar campaign on social media. It’s cool. The exciting part is that I just added the xx certifications to my credentials to help my team keep up with new trends and stay ahead of the competition. Right now, I can show you how we can drive the conversion rates to xxx% in two months.

Nothing beats the knowledge that comes from a well-researched interview candidate. In-depth research gives you uniqueness and an eye for detail. Using well-researched data to inform the claims in your interview automatically sets you apart from the crowd.

2. Look the Role

This part is perhaps the most cliched job interview tip. “Dress how you’d want to be addressed.” But it goes beyond dressing smart. It also has a lot to do with your confidence. Once job candidates recognize the importance of first impressions, job interviews get a lot easier.

Virtually every candidate with a good CV that speaks to the employer’s needs will get the invitation to the interview.  Unfortunately, that is just the beginning. It is important that you keep up the show and impress the hosts. This job interview tip is in typical boys scout fashion, “Be Prepared.” 

The reputation in your CV shouldn’t just precede you by opening doors for you. You should live up to your own standards or match the standards of the target company. You are applying for a role, right? Then you have to look like the expert in the dressing. Again, you have to sound like an expert. Begin to paint imaginary pictures of things you would do when you join the team Use the right words to get them to see.

“Oh, I notice ABC Ltd., just launched the Teams software. From my research, it’s targeted at CEOs. How’s the reception so far?… Great! See what I came up with. Here’s what we’ll do…”

Language functions as both weapon and tool. Know when to activate a function. To quote famous rapper Nas, “You only have one first chance to make one first impression that lasts a lifetime.” Recruiters are hired to find people who can deliver great results for the company. You are going to deliver those results. Let your confidence shine like the candidate about to deliver a sales presentation for Apple.  

Things like handshakes, eye contact, tone, and sitting posture have their implications in interviews. These attributes easily can betray your intentions. Therefore, it is essential that you rehearse and practice the fundamentals of job interviews. Again, it’s important to note job interview tips are not substitutes for skill and expertise. Your skill and expertise in that field will yield the results that will keep transform your company in business and make you a valuable team player.

Practice, skilled knowledge and preparedness remain the best recipe for confidence. 

To be continued…

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