Get Smart. These Powerful Tools Will Help You Get the Job

Tools you need to get a job

In this series, we have addressed Things to Do Before Applying for a Job, the Myths about Job Hunting, and more. This time, you will learn about the tools to help you land the job. Job hunting is not just about sending applications, and interviews.

Certain technicalities can affect the outcome of applications and interviews. As you prepare for the job market, you will come to understand the advantage that comes with possessing or leveraging specific tools. 

Why Tools?

With the right tools, the average job-seeker has an increased chance at better performance. He has access to smart tools that can save time, eliminate human error, and increase his efficiency. This is because job hunting can include many repetitive tasks like multiple applications, and interviews.

Tools help streamline long, repetitive processes. With the right tools, a job candidate can spend valuable time acquiring knowledge that can position him ahead of other candidates, and pass the interviews. So why will any job candidate spend his most cherished prep time on things that should be handled by tools?

Now let’s see some of the tools every job hunter should possess today.

Tools to Get You the Job

  1. Skype and Other Communication Tools

Video communication seems to be a trend that has come to stay. For hiring managers, it is an acceptable alternative when distance and other factors do not encourage walk-in interviews. Video call applications like Skype are essentials in this regard. This includes both mobile and desktop versions. 

Additionally, video conferencing tools like Zoom are also gaining popularity. It is important you practice their usage before interviews. Keep all your electronic resources such as cv documents close and prepare to share them during your video interview.

The great part is these video communication platforms have features that allow you to share your screen with the interviewer. You can also share your documents when requested.

2. A Gift

Oh yes, you read it right. A gift. Maybe some cookies they can munch on while they read your CV. NO, not that kind of gift. For example, you can examine their offerings and services. Visit their website, look out for mission statements, press presence, social media, etc. Basically, look for things that help you understand their performance situation and their competitors.

Now create a brief plan and prepare to show them during the interview. Impress them so much with this gift that they will have to hire you to pull it off. It can be a pitch, research, a sales strategy. Oh let it be anything, you human. Always move with a gift.

I usually encourage job candidates to try their best in being “exceptional.” That, is STEP AWAY FROM THE CROWD. In this age, where everyone seems to care so much about themselves, the givers, and the selfless are highly valued. Take your time to understudy your potential employer and prepare a gift. 

3. Job Notifications

As you bank on referrals and job adverts (hope you do), also add job notifications to do the list. Job seekers can leverage social media to get the best of  Job boards. You can follow their social media pages, and turn on the post notification of your favourite job boards.

You will receive notifications every time a new job is posted. Although, more precision is needed because you don’t want just any job. You may want to tailor your search to your field. Google Alerts makes this smooth. You can turn on the Google Alerts for a specific job position by entering it as a keyword. 

4. Networking Tools 

Networking can never be overemphasized. It is the soul of influence and you need it to reach new grounds. While some people will get jobs by referrals and recommendations from friends, others may have to network their way to get one. Networking is a skill everyone should possess today.

Email templates, introduction scripts, and pitches are key elements in the process. You can find free templates in our Sell Yourself Kit. The kit contains tools that help job seekers, entrepreneurs and even business people sell themselves or their ideas to just anyone and any audience. You will need them to create email bodies and cover letters as you shoot those emails for glory.

Creating a LinkedIn account is almost a traditional thing for anyone launching their career into any field. LinkedIn houses a community of professionals who include employees, as well as hiring managers, and the decision-makers in the recruitment processes of big and small companies. You should get on LinkedIn and use it to position yourself as the expert in your CV. Share your expert insights on topical issues, and connect with other professionals. This move will make you visible to employees who require your skills to excel.  

5. The All-Powerful CV & Cover Letter Templates

All Power. Written to impress. Carefully Polished. Prepared to Deliver concrete results. What images do you see when you read those words? Did you feel excitement, power, satisfaction, fine detail and performance? Did you feel like knowing what the product was? If your answer is yes, then let’s make progress.

That is how your CV should make recruiters feel when they read them. Let it get them pumped up enough to want to meet with you. You know it’s not ideal to apply to different openings using one CV format. True. But it’s quite challenging creating excellent CVs each time you want to apply for every job. So what do you do? I say prepare to create the magic with our All Powerful CV & Cover Letter Templates. Click here to receive it now.

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