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Now that you are prepared to take your Nigerian business online you have many questions. How do you start? What goal should it help you achieve? How will you accept payments on your website? Should you showcase products? What name should you call it? And many questions like that. A website gives you very powerful control of your internet presence beyond social media. So those are very smart questions and answering them will help you avoid the common website mistakes many Nigerian businesses make. 


Let’s run it quickly:

  1. What are Your Goals?

“Why am I getting this website?” Every move in business should be purposeful to avoid wastage. This is why you must define your business goals and create an online version. What do you want your website to do online? Should it make your business services more accessible? This means website visitors should be able to find your contact information and reach you with ease.

Do you want them to buy things or complete payments for products and services? This means your website must be able to showcase products and also support payments. 

Again, your website can act as a powerful marketing system in itself. This means it can help you attract online visitors who may be interested in your offerings. These visitors are taken to a landing page where they enter their information. This is actually how a sales funnel works.

After entering their information on your website, the visitors then get valuable content and offers that move them from ordinary visitors to leads, to prospects, and then buying customers or even loyal customers who will buy more and refer you.

Getting a website can be an intelligent way to move your business offerings online if done right. 

Not to worry, this is a free service that comes with our website packages. Our team will discuss with you and then help you set effective online goals that impact your business goals.

2. Website Reports & Analytics

Data is the new gold. And, of course, knowledge is power. Your website should be able to help you see who is visiting your website, and what actions they are taking on it. Remember, you are creating a website to help people carry out certain actions that align with your business goals.

Therefore, you should be able to track the visitor’s report also known as analytics. Analytics help you know where the visitors are coming from and what page they are viewing. Did they buy? What page did they leave from? Or how long did they spend on my website before leaving (This information is known as the bounce rates)? Information like these helps you set better goals for improvement on your website.

3. Budget

Money is important and this is no news for business owners. While it is beautiful and motivating to get a website, you want something that will not shake your wallet. Or something that begins to cut heavily into your business budget.

Truly, your website project is going to improve your business greatly. It will improve your business credibility, impress your customers and offer you more reach. However, it will still cost you money. So you may want to build your website with a team or company that suits your budget in the long run.

What key features do you need on your website to meet your business goals? A Service and contact page? Payments? Ecommerce? Once you’ve reviewed this you can source very affordable website services with affordable plans. Stay away from cheap services by all means. They cost more pains in the long run.

There are many website services that can set up your website with a one-off payment and additional yearly web hosting fees (the cost of storing your website files online).  

There are also services that help you set up your own website with a fraction of the payment while you pay off your balance as you go each month. 

However, be careful of websites that appear to be ridiculously cheap. You don’t want customers complaining of 404 errors or your website or not being reachable. It is important your website team helps you achieve an effective website that’s within your budget too.

The beauty is we offer flexible options. We will set up your website with one-off payment options or the Pay Small Small options which lets you get a website on a budget. You can own a website with as little initial payment starting from N40, 000 while you pay as go.

4. Technical Support

Now you know owning an effective website can do magic for your business. But you might get headaches when the web team is unable to build you a hitch-free website. 

Running a business is a task on its own. You don’t want to add website headaches to it. So run your checks on the web team. Be sure they are reachable and ready to help you tackle bugs, testings, and key activities that will make your website invulnerable to attack or server issues. Support is perhaps one of the most important factors businesses should consider before getting a website. 

Does the web team offer your business growth hacks, social media tips, and even offers that can help your business grow better?

Yes, we do. With this information, you are definitely ready to take your business online with a powerful website. 

Embrace your moment of glory here.

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