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While many business owners are quite familiar with digital marketing for business success, not many can relate to the success stories. 

Therefore, this tour will focus more on how to get results using digital marketing rather than the shiny features of digital marketing or selling online. We want you to understand that every great marketing system is only as great as those using it and how far they’re willing to go. Are you ready to generate leads and improve sales for your real estate business? Then let’s start right away.

How to Grow Sales Online for Your Real Estate Business

  1. Grow Brand awareness using Social Media & Content SEO

One major goal of your real estate business should be to reach the right audience with your marketing message. This is where social media acts as a brand broadcaster for today’s businesses. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin do great jobs in helping real estate entrepreneurs share impactful content with their potential audience.

A. How to Use Social Media to Grow Brand Awareness for Real Estate

Facebook is excellent at building loyal communities using videos. Twitter and LinkedIn do well as conversation channels. Entrepreneurs can start conversations or join conversations in meaningful ways that highlight their brand’s uniqueness & leadership authority thereby winning them followers and even leads. If the trend has to do with your industry or something your audience loves, then why not try it?

According to the Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, being customer-focused allows brands to become more innovative and proactive about their customers. Share invites to webinars, and live virtual tours of your properties and projects. Spend more time promoting your brand’s personalities on social media either by sharing company photos, clients visits, and staff or your service team in action in creative & fun ways. Learn how big brands use social media to engage and build awareness. Inform your audience on trends and industry news. Share helpful tips and join conversations that matter.

You attract your type of audience when you do this and begin generating leads for your real estate business on social media. Get your sales team on standby to welcome these leads into your community.


Instagram can play a great role as your creative canvas. Share engaging videos and photos of your business in action. You can show fun visits to your properties, sites, and even go live. Showcase your company’s participation in business and relevant events.

Are you hunting for the best social media channel for your real estate company? Then understand that social media is firstly a hangout spot. People barely go there to buy. Focus on relationships instead. The goal of social media should be to grow a community that trusts you enough to become customers. This needs an investment in social media engagement.


B. Using Content SEO to Attract Clients for Real Estate

You also gain extra points when your business is visible or discoverable each time potential clients search online. It could be for “Important things to know before buying a property in Nigeria” “How much do I need to own a home?” “Best and affordable real estate agents in my city.” This is actually the science behind SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines recommend your website content to users whenever they search for things or solutions related to your field. But it is not this straightforward.

SEO means business owners themselves are making efforts to present their search engine users with the right content. SEO is a great real estate marketing strategy for Nigerian real estate firms looking to attract customers online. So if a potential customer searches “Things to do before buying my property” your website or online resource should contain answers to such search inquiries. Your online resource can be anything.

We will support you in owning your real estate blog, podcast, or even a Youtube that answers all the possible questions visitors might want to ask. Investing in this tactic is what SEO is all about. Don‘t just create any content. You devote time researching SEO keywords and creating the kind of content that solves the problem of your target audience.

Then you can take it further via SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In this system, you pay to have your business show up each time search engine users search for things related to the keywords related to your business.

You should consider the recommendations in this article because your competitors will. They will win the attention and trust of your audience and make them buying customers. Without content SEO, the search engine will not recommend you to visitors. The goal of content SEO is to get your potential audience to consume your content using search while positioning yourself as the business that can get them a good deal in real estate.


2. Generate Leads using Social Media & Email Marketing

Attracting customers to your real estate agency requires devotion. Not everyone who encounters your marketing messages will show interest or share them with someone. So you must craft a unique message and a compelling offer for a specific audience and for every stage of your sales process. This is because the average customer encounters a million and one information in 24 hrs. Do not assume they got to bed thinking about how amazing your business deal is. So you must be intentional about how you invest your time and resources. This is because your competitors are working overtime. You are not the only one with the best deals in town, in Ibeju-Lekki, Ogun, or Ibadan. 

Thus, growth-focused entrepreneurs take their lead generation stage seriously. It is the stage they spark interest after creating awareness. Some may offer an ebook with a title that goes “Possess these documents before paying for that property.” OR “Join the Webinar for Future Landlords.” The most important thing is that you are willing to spark interest once you encounter your target audience. You make a compelling offer your audience will be unable to refuse.

You can share such offers on social media. The real challenge surfaces when the target audience attempts to claim the offer. How do they get this ebook or access to the so-called webinar, etc? Email Marketing tools do this intelligently with landing pages, funnels, and automation tools.

Your real estate audience now has a page to visit once they decide to claim your offer. They enter their details to access this offer and now you have a qualified lead. The rest stage of the sales process now depends on what digital marketing goals you have set for your online real estate business. This video explains what your digital marketing goals should look like.



3. Engage your Real Estate Audience

Never underestimate the power of genuine connections. Regular selling is losing its cool. Potential clients are becoming more aware of what it takes to make a purchase in real estate. It is becoming more than an impulse buy. There are thousands of blogs, newsletters, and intentional videos sharing intelligent tips on property investment, purchase, wealth growth, and real estate generally. These exceptional real estate entrepreneurs do more than just put up properties for sale like regular real estate companies. They provide enough content and even researched insights to help their audience make better investment decisions.

So raise your digital marketing tactics more bars higher. Invest heavily in ads but ensure the ads are tied to the engaging content assets of your business. Webinars, blogs, podcasts, tv shows, radio talks, and other channels are smart ways real estate businesses in Nigeria can engage their audiences. Remember, no one wants to just hear about how your property listings are sited close to the next big industrial center in Nigeria. Marketing has gone beyond listing only your properties.

Create more time building your audience’s interests using content and even a lifestyle out of your company’s services. Imagine a sample real estate YouTube series, blog, a social media live show, or even a radio drama or talk show titled “Mr. Oga. Landlord”  targeted at Nigeria’s middle-class earners. The most important mission for your real estate digital marketing is that it employs intelligent and out-of-the-box tactics to reach and engage its audience. 

Yes, you will still run your ads for your real estate business. The only difference with this approach is that your audience will trust you enough to enjoy and not skip these ads. This is a better bet for businesses looking for effective real estate digital marketing strategies that actually get clients.


4. Sales

Create an atmosphere where potential customers feel safe. Help them understand the journey into the property and real estate investment world. Step away from the crowd and don’t be pushy about just closing the deals. That can be a turn-off in itself. Rather invest more time and resources on fast-tracking processes that delay prospects’ decisions. Is it a lack of information? Income (which is mostly beyond your control)? Trust? Your brand’s credibility? Do they need reassurance by maybe watching a testimonial video from your clients?

You can even create a 1 minute Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) video or article to simplify the journey. Let there be a wealth of knowledge resources for your prospects and let it be available at the various level of your prospects’ journey into your world. You can invest in a mini-Beginner’s Course to Property & Real Estate. The maximum duration could be five minutes. It can even be a video or audiobook if you think your audience’s attention span will be shortened by other commitments.

Ensure access to information is something fun for your potential customers. They should never feel like it’s a terrible risk doing business with you. Show “workings.” Make tours of your properties accessible and have virtual-video expos or even live tours of your properties. Don’t play with the certifications required to operate in your industry. Keep your promise. Do not exaggerate reality. Yes, it is easy to coat offers with enticing words. But let the actual deals overwhelm and not underwhelm your customers.

Invest in content education and content marketing for your business. And, do not become difficult to reach the moment you successfully close a deal with a client.

Be very intentional with your customer support and never let your sales process be broken because a purchase or a transaction has been completed. Remember, it is a relationship. Imagine a video content welcoming your clients after a purchase or a “how-to” resource guide that walks them through the world of property acquisition. Let convenience be the core of your sales process.

Build yours to the point where you can have a loyal community of clients who trust you enough to refer your business.

Once you have all the four elements in this article set, then you can proudly create compelling offers and promote them on social media and other influencer platforms. Now you are ready to grow your real estate business better and make impact!

Prepare to close deals faster today. We will create the next digital marketing campaign for your real estate business.


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