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Welcome to the introduction of our series which we have titled Adapt. In this series, we will share content focused on helping our readers improve their skills for income growth opportunities, career success, and impact. Watch this space

We’ve asked the frontrunners and young of this generation; millennials and generation Zs, what financial success means to them. 

As far as our human history can recall, money has been associated with power, glory, and class. It’s been the staple for defining who has access to what in human societies. For instance, members of social groups in ancient Africa were able to float a method of thrift banking where members’ savings were pooled together periodically and given to a member. This was done in rotation till every member had taken turns collecting. In ancient Rome, the elites exercised similar wealth privileges by pooling resources together to bid for certain government contracts.

Today in the 21st century, the perception of finance hasn’t really changed. Financial success has been associated with luxury, economical purchasing power, energy security, social media followership, luxury, cars, and even access to more capital. But reaching this level and accessing the privileges attached, is an entirely different ball game. Information travels faster, and so do the opportunities for wealth creation.  

Millennials & GenZs on what financial success means to them?

Today’s billionaires are really not royals and heirs as established in previous centuries. They are entrepreneurs, creators, businessmen, social media models, stars, and software engineers. Therefore, it becomes clearer that reaching financial success today has different rules and demands further education, awareness, and skills. News headlines announce tech startups sealing multimillion-dollar deals and valuations the business economy has rarely seen. 

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Conventional wisdom is beginning to go liberal with some of its written-on-stone truths regarding work, income, and success. Truly, a lot can be achieved when information is transmitted at an alarming data speed. We are in the internet age where Facebook can make us millions, and Khaby Lame of Tik Tok can be a celebrity. The question is how do we stay ahead in these times?

Millennials & GenZs on how to know they’ve reached financial success?

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