Social Media Marketing for Business – Premium Plan for 1 Month




Engage and sell better on social media with plans designed to attract and convert your audience. Get a full month’s worth of engaging social media content that is target-audience specific. We’ll run effective ads that maximize your plan’s budget. We do not try selling to new audiences through ads. I mean would you buy from your own business on first contact? This is why we use ads to attract new audiences on our social media marketing plans. Ads are our lead generation engines. We use them wisely for your pages.

Every single engagement is worth it. Utilize offers to attract your audience. Build trust using content education & entertainment. Now make them a sales offer they will never refuse.

This premium plan gives you access to all you need to generate leads & nurture them into paying customers.

  • 1Month Social Media Content
  • 4 Monthly AD Campaigns
  • Page rebranding
  • Landing Page
  • Links in bio
  • Standby social media  assistant
  • Payment page
  • emails & Sales funnel


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