How To Get More Streams Of Income and Make More Money (Part 1)

How To Get More Streams Of Income and Make More Money

Uncertainty can be terrifying. It’s what drives some people to seek financial security. They want to learn how to get more streams of income and make more money. Not knowing how you’ll pay your next bill should make a Hollywood Horror.  It’s like a dark cloud that hangs over your head.

Likewise, it’s a similar feeling when you rely on one stream of income. Even though you just got the money yesterday, you know you’re about to be broke. The job doesn’t pay enough. Your entrepreneurial passion isn’t yielding yet. The debts are there. You want to live your dreams and your best life. Gosh! But those things cost money. If your needs and responsibilities keep growing every day, then your income should never stay the same. So if you believe you deserve better, then this is for you. 

Before we begin:

Many discussions on wealth generation and financial growth are so quick to conclude. Firstly, they think everybody should start a business or be their own boss. (This doesn’t mean that entrepreneurship isn’t a great source of income). Most of these “get rich books” seem to impose a specific idea of happiness and wealth on readers. We won’t start this discussion in that manner.

Moreover, you’re the only one who can define what happiness and wealth mean to you. But this discussion will offer a more practical recommendation for both entrepreneurs and employees. It’ll also use current examples to show the possibilities in today’s digital world.  Everyone deserves to live their dreams. So unless wishes can pay for these dreams, you must get your dollar up.

Mostly, human wants and needs do not answer to passion or wishes. They respond to satisfaction. Entrepreneurs and employees must be practical with their income plans until their genuine passion starts paying. If you need money, then you should be realistic enough to take on extra responsibilities. Learn additional skills or do that which can help you get more streams of income. Hence, everyone deserves to multiply their streams of income to satisfy their unlimited needs. 


So this discussion will cover the four parts in a series:

  1. Sell Yourself, Products, Knowledge, Services (Anything)
  2. Invest
  3. Leverage Existing Systems
  4. Get a weekend/remote job.


  1. Sell Yourself, Products, Knowledge, Services (Anything)
How to Sell Yourself, Products, Knowledge, Services (Anything)
How to Sell Yourself, Products, Knowledge, Services (Anything)

Tesa is a 22-year-old self-taught New York graphic designer. Her works were the highlights of her friends’ social media pages. She was always willing to refine their photos and create free designs. The likes and comments they got on their social media were her satisfaction. It was fun for her. 

In less than a year of mastering Photoshop, she secured a job with a tech startup. Each day, she churned out multiple designs of marketing copies, which the startup put out on all her emails, websites, and social media. The feedback was always fantastic.

According to followers of the company’s social media pages, “the social pages are coming alive.” Thanks to Tesa. These compliments inspired her to buy courses online and learn more advanced graphic design tools. Now Tesa is becoming a pro in this world of graphics.

But the road isn’t always smooth. Unfortunately, Tesa’s two-year-old personal computer began acting up. It was her everything. She had bonded strongly with the device. Everything she knew she learned on it. But it had to go. It was too weary and worked up for repair. Go where? Even on a budget, she’ll need at least $500 to get a PC that can power all graphic design operations. She never planned it. Pay at the startup was still low. They promised to review pay once they broke even. But that may not happen anytime soon. She needed immediate solutions. 

She was already too immersed in thoughts that she didn’t see the notifications on her phone. A friend had tagged her in an Instagram appreciation for creating her new business logo. Her customers loved it. Now they’re sending her messages for a gig.

“How much do you charge for a total brand makeover?” One of the followers inquired in a direct message. Now that was the beginning of Tesa’s adventure. She was ready to sail on another stream of income. By the time she had prepared an invoice for her four new clients, Tesa was going to make an additional $2000 for that month. All she did was create a payment plan to help her service their monthly graphic design needs. Her journey to more income has started. But it doesn’t have to end there.


“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein


Change your Perspective on Selling

This perspective on selling is different. It addresses giving value first. This idea highlights Albert Einstein’s quote.

In this approach, you’ll prioritize becoming your most valuable self or creating your most valuable product. Then you’ll focus on using digital platforms and current e-commerce realities to make the required sales. There’s a reason this sales approach is value-focused. Consistent value is what brings you steady growth and the opportunities to get more streams of income. Look at the growth progression of the top companies and even your favorite celebrities. 

You need to be valuable in some way to be relevant to your audience. Why do some individuals and companies get stuck after making millions selling? Most times, it’s because their purpose may not be people-focused or towards a more significant cause. It’s why many fail to keep making sales after the first sale. It’s difficult to keep selling when there’s no vision of value.

Perhaps, we need to start seeing clients as people, humans, and friends. They have to get home to their kids. How will your skill or product make their lives better? When employers and employees answer this question, they innovate newer and better ways to make their clients happy. So you have to start seeing your audience or prospects as a community of friends and not some humans with the dollar sign. 


The Relevance of Value in Selling

If you’re good at what you do, people will go the miles to buy or even revise your product and pay you for it. That’s another level of income generation for creators and visionaries. The act of selling and reselling value is so intense that people will pay to see cinema reboots of old movies, animations, and comic book stories.

So value should always come first, and today’s digital world, be willing to give it out—some for free and others at a cost. Like Tesa, you need to start by sharing your expertise in whatever you want to sell. But you must be more deliberate. So your success doesn’t happen accidentally. Many individuals and businesses are selling today. But building engagement with your audience using smart options separates you from the crowd. 

Unlike Tesa, you don’t have to wait for your friends to blow your trumpet (Well, it’s nice to have cheerleaders). But you must take charge of your financial destiny by staying on top of your skills. The way to do this is to share it with the world. You can do this on social media and professional networks. It’s how you attract people and opportunities to yourself. No algorithm can beat the essence of valuable profiles or content.

Don’t worry if search engines and social media pages do not rank you high like famous personalities at the moment. SEO and Social media marketing tips can help you position yourself to be discoverable. Just continue sharing your best each day. Social media has a way of making content viral. Let time find you adding value. Remember that successful interview. You had to convince the panel by sharing your experience and perspectives on questions. 

This example also goes for a skill or your expertise in any field. You gave out those tips to your friends for free. Now, you can start doing the same for a side income. You can create an online course, sell actual products, a book, dropshipping, offer freelance services, and more. It’s possible to do one of these side gigs with ease. You’ll still be able to follow a regular job or entrepreneurial passion.

the relevance of selling

Selling in a Digital Today

Professional networks like LinkedIn and freelance platforms like Fiverr make this goal achievable. It means income generation doesn’t have to be God’s gift to only entrepreneurs. Professionals, employees, job seekers, freelancers, stay-at-home persons, etc. can earn online. There are also spots like Upwork and Guru.

Firstly, begin by positioning yourself as an expert or influencer in your field. Build trust by feeding your audience with the kind of knowledge they need to solve problems. Ask questions that show you care and want to make life better for them. In a world where everyone wants to take, givers are heroes. So get on any platform that has your target audience. Make your contact or service information visible on your profile. Define your purpose on your profile. 

Our purpose here on the Persuasion Network is to share valuable content that can help you live your dreams. So growing an additional income from selling must be purpose-driven. It’s something employees and entrepreneurs can do in their spare time. You can plan valuable social media content for the audience in your field and schedule them with tools like Buffer and Hootsuite

master the art before selling yourself
master the art before selling yourself










Mastering the Art Before Selling Yourself

Who isn’t on social media right now? It’s the best place to start reaching out to your audience by rebranding your social media profile. Take a good picture. Present yourself as a professional or business. Be the best and look the best at whatever you do. Like Tesa, you can signup for online courses on places like Udemy, Coursera, and others to learn a skill.

However, you’ll need to keep learning to stay valuable to earn more. There are millions of users and businesses online trying to sell themselves too. So value and creativity are the two ingredients that can make you stand out. They also apply to those selling products online and offline. Most humans are naturally attracted to visual appeal before asking about the value. But never substitute the value for any surface glamor and vice versa.

When you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, it’s research.”

Additionally, you may have to face your competitors. You can also learn from them by researching competition in your industry. What other ways to learn than to learn from the masters? What are they doing differently? Social media makes it even easier to spy.

Follow their social media pages and see for yourself. It’s okay to learn by imitation. Wikiquote credits American playwright and entrepreneur Wilson Mizner for saying, “When you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, it’s research.” So prepare for research, and a little copying won’t be wrong. Just step the game up in your version and ensure to give credit to your inspirations.

Interestingly, no one says you shouldn’t bring your innovative self into the mix. Apple’s Instagram page engages followers by showing them the world with the hashtag #ShotoniPhone. 

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Twitter shares a user experience post, captioning it with its products Microsoft Teams and Surface. These brands are using social media to creatively engage and inform their audience while subtly promoting their products.




Share More and Sell Less

Sales Expert and Marketing Strategist David Meerman Scott strongly believes social media sharing culture has changed how we buy and sell. Social sharing is a better way for individuals and businesses to engage their customers. It grabs their attention and takes you out of the business crowd yelling “buy now.”  

This suggestion means value attracts more people. A busy workout enthusiast is more likely to signup with a gym that has been feeding him with valuable tips, hacks and photos on how to stay fit and look his best. This may not be the case with another gym page that just posts its products every day.

You can incorporate this aspect of sharing into your plan. Additionally, you can share free resources (lead magnets) to help your audience solve problems in exchange for their contact information. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy that always works. Emailing marketing platforms provide free signup forms for individuals and businesses to collect contact emails for marketing purposes.

Asides social media, you can use email marketing platforms to share that valuable content you want for your audience. It will build the trust you need to recommend your services and product in the future.

However, what will keep you in the minds of potential customers (which you want) is real value. You need to be valuable. But you’ll also need to be consistent. Keep sharing those free useful insights with them while reminding them about your products and services.

Consistency helps them trust you to deliver when they pay you for a product or service. It’s challenging to do this without being open to more learning. So if you want more income, expand your knowledge. It’s a little to difficult to earn so well if you’re not in touch with today’s realities.

So you need to start learning because your audience needs quality engagement. There’s the internet now. How are people selling today? Can you use their methods to sell yourself (or anything)? 

To be Continued


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