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Behind a customer’s purchase decision is perhaps a long or short customer journey, and even decision-making processes.  Whether they downloaded a free guide, read an article, or got referred, many customers journeys likely started as mere leads. Leads are potential buyers interested in a product. The more leads a business generates the more chances at sales and marketing ROI.  

Rather than leave their business to time and chance, intentional businesses understand most customer purchases begin this way and are motivated to build structures to generate leads. 

Content Overview:

  • What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of growing or creating audience interest in a product or service with the purpose of making them a customer or fan. It involves making your potential audience an exciting offer, collecting their contacts, bringing them into your business community, and nurturing them into buying customers. 

  • How to Build a Lead Generation System
  1. Create a Sales Process for your business/product
  2. Create Offers, Discounts, and Great Content
  3. Create a Landing Page
  4. Build a Lead Nurture Community or List



What is a Lead Generation System?

To make this a success, growth-centric businesses invest in a lead generation system. A lead generation system is a system of tools and processes that attract new audiences to a business. Businesses using lead generation systems run ads with the purpose of collecting leads rather than focusing on immediate sales. 

These leads are nurtured through a sales process that most times involve free trials, freebies, offers, discounts, audience education, entertainment, testimonials, and then the final offer which makes them buying and even loyal customer.


What is the Punishment for Ignoring Lead Generation Systems & Selling too Early?

Simply put: The punishment is ad budget wastage and minimal returns on ads. Accept this revelation first. Once it comes to business sales you are alone. Platforms like social media and traditional media are unlikely to help you here. Of course, they will show your ads to your audience. But they will not create these ads for you. As a result, you are likely to keep pumping money on ads that may never convert. 

Why is this so? You think ads directly impact sales. What no one shows you is the multiple sales processes that happen behind the scene before a purchase is made. So you keep boosting and enlarging your ad budget hoping to get more on the first catch. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer. Ask the right questions: What are the odds that I will buy from my own business on first contact? Is my business offer that compelling and memorable that my audience will go to bed thinking about it? Will I want to learn more about my business before buying? Do I trust my business enough to get my payment card and click “Buy now”?

If you answered Yes, I suppose you are good to go. But if you ticked No to any of those questions then read on. Each time you invest heavily in ads with the hope of netting sales on first contact then you are missing something. Great ads do not focus on sales. They focus on lead generation. The absence of reputation, brand popularity, and an already familiar audience make you a newbie in the pool. Advertising with the aim of getting sales should not be recommended here. Grow leads first.


How To Build a Lead Generation System for your Business

  1. Create a Sales Process for your business/product

A sales process or sales funnel imagines the journey or steps your audience must go through before they buy and even after they buy. Today’s business also creates content and educational + marketing materials to help their audience at each stage of the journey. This is what investing in content and landing pages simplifies for you. They help you create an organic sales process that focuses on lead generation and lead engagement before pushing sales. Great content pampers and educates your potential customers. It enlightens them about their problems and solutions while positioning your business as the potential solution provider.

  1. Create Offers, Discounts, and Great Content

I’m sure you’ve seen those “Enter email, start a free trial. Enter details, activate the offer.” Those are offers planted on landing pages. For your audience to really care then you have to possess something they really want. It’s really not advisable to start with your product price. Begin with an offer, a trial, or access to your very best content education materials. You should email us to create a content marketing plan for your business.

Your lead generation offers do one marketing job: Attract the Audience and host them. If your audience is new to your business then it’s best to take them there. They may get lost on your website or get frustrated with the numerous information. Usher them to your landing page. Let them soak in what your business has to offer in simple forms. And then compensate them with a gift or some “once-in-a-lifetime” offer. But where will you host these offers? Then check the next item.

  1. Create a Landing Page

This is where you host all the great offers. A landing page allows your audience to learn more about you. They get to test your offers in exchange to join your community. Landing pages utilize catchy offers, call-to-action buttons, and a straight-to-the-offer kind of attraction. You can feature things like an opt-in form to collect visitor information in exchange for a gift, promo, or compelling offer.

The beauty of a landing page rests on its offers, attractive and yet minimalist features. It is out to entice, convince, and convert your potential customers. Landing pages can also be connected to what is called a sales funnel. Consider a sale funnel to be a series of pre-defined actions or journeys a potential customer is expected to take.

  1. Build a Lead Nurture Community or List

This is where the real conversion happens. After capturing your leads, you invest time nurturing them into customers. They mostly want to learn more about your business and how your products help them. They also want to know about their problems too. 

This is where businesses that have invested in content marketing win. You never have to spend huge advert budgets on leads once you have acquired them. You just keep nourishing them with the right content that matters to them. They receive the content in their mailbox.

This is why you need to build your sales process as indicated in item one. It helps you understand what content to feed your audience and at what stage you should share them. Being in your community affords them the time to understand how your product works and to know if you are right for them.

Do not break your sales process by pushing sales at the wrong time. Invest more in lead generation and engagement. What if I can’t afford a website? Well, that’s not a problem. Literally, every big business online from Netflix to Udemy uses landing pages to attract their audiences.

So what is stopping you?

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